Miami Herald Will Force More Unpaid Furloughs on Staff

This is barely news anymore, since they've been doing the same thing for years, but it appears things haven't gotten better.

Once again, the Miami Herald will force staff members to accept an unpaid weeklong furlough before June 30.

Media blogger Jim Romenesko has the letter publisher David Landsberg sent out to staff.

Today we are announcing a furlough program for the first half of 2013. Most full-time employees who work a regularly scheduled 40-hour week, including executives and managers, will be required to take one week of unpaid furlough by June 30, 2013.

Apparently that paywall isn't paying off big yet.
Please know that we are seeing some positive results in our new revenue initiatives despite the uneven economic environment. Your contributions have been key to the accomplishments we've achieved in moving toward a successful future.
But apparently there's some hope the paywall and whatever "new revenue initiatives" are kind of, maybe working.

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