Golden Beach Mayor Sticks By His Man, For Now

Golden Beach Mayor Glenn Singer says he has no intention of dumping town manager Alexander Diaz, who was recently arrested in Miami Beach for driving under the influence of alcohol. At least not until Singer gets back from vacation next week. "I don't have all the facts yet," Singer told Banana Republican. "And as we know, there is always three sides to every story."

Diaz was charged with a DUI this past December 25. According to the arrest report, Diaz "appeared to be passed out" in the passenger seat of his BMW SUV when his friend was pulled over by a Miami Beach police officer. The cop also documented "a strong odor of alcohol" inside the car.

During the traffic stop, Diaz allegedly took his key, got inside the driver's seat and attempted to leave the scene.

The report claims Diaz told the arresting officer: "You don't know who I am? I am the city manager bitch!"

Singer says when he returns to Golden Beach on Monday, he will review the incident with the town attorney. "As of now I have no plans to suspend or terminate Alex," the mayor said. "He has been a valued employee."