Chris Bosh Fined $5,000 for Flopping Last Night

Chris Bosh woke up last night and helped the Heat to a monster victory over the San Antonio Spurs, but it appears his flopping game is still a little rusty.

NBA officials announced Bosh would be fined $5,000 for flopping during a play late in the first half.

Here's the play in question:

This is the first year in which the NBA is fining players for flopping, and LeBron James was hit with a $5k fine back in the Pacers series. But Bosh's flop still made history: he's the first guy to get fined for flopping in the finals.

But Bosh better get his acting skills in line. A second flop costs $10,000 and it only goes up from there. Players can get suspended for six or more flops in the playoffs.

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