Jason Taylor's Jets Flirtation Just a Stunt?

​Everyone is either still scratching their heads or wringing their hands over Jason Taylor's meeting with the New York Jets -- the same team he hates, like any good Dolphin, so very, very much. The New York Post thinks that it could just be a ploy to get a better deal with the Dolphins by stirring up fan outrage, because Parcells has apparently been ignoring Taylor (Bad Parcells, bad. Besides, who else do you have to play that position?). However, Taylor's agent claims that's not the situation at all. Meanwhile, one of the Jets most iconic fans, Fireman Ed, calls Taylor a "meathead" and doesn't want him playing for his team. Though, Ed has an even worse theory to offer: Taylor is just using the Jets as leverage --not to sign with the Dolphins, but to head to the Patriots. [NYPost | NYDN | SunSent]

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