Glen Rice Gets Sued Over a Handball Tournament

We have no idea why former Miami Heat legend Glen Rice's post-NBA life involves hiring people to film and organize a handball tournament (hell, we have no idea why handball tournaments need to be filmed in the first place), and perhaps after finding himself in legal trouble Rice is thinking the same thing himself. TMZ reports that the three-point king is being sued by production companies for $22,320 after failing to pay them for their handball work.

Back in 2009 Rice had organized a team handball tournament at American Airlines Arena. Handball, if you're wondering, is something roughly akin to a basketball/soccer hybrid.

Now 15 people and three companies have sued Rice for failing to pay them. They allege he owes a total of $22,320.

TMZ had also reported earlier this week that Rice's ex-girlfriend and baby mama Tia Santoros had to call police in order to retrieve her personal belonging from Rice's Coral Gables mansion.

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