South Miami-Dade Comcast TV and Internet Service Is Down

If you're in South Miami-Dade and use Comcast as your television and Internet service provider, you probably aren't reading this. Comcast service is out in a large section of the southern part of the county thanks to a construction crew accidentally tearing out about 1,000 feet of fiber optic cable.

According to CBS Miami, Comcast cannot say exactly how many customers are affected by the outage.

The company says service should be back up by the end of the day, and we all know cable companies are notorious for keeping their word on when they say things will be done.

Of course, if you're still at the office and heading home to South Miami-Dade, it's probably best to get all of your (uh, work-appropriate) Internet urges out now. Just go ahead and click around here on Riptide for a while. Then you can go home and read a book or something.

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