USA vs. Honduras Soccer at Sun Life Stadium: Live Blog

It's gringos versus catrachos in tonight's international friendly soccer match at Sun Life Stadium.

The U.S. soccer team is looking for its first win under new coach Jurgen Klinsmann, while Honduras is looking for a bit o' respeto against its normally dominant northern neighbor.

We're live blogging the game. After a crappy start, the U.S. is up 1-0 thanks to the man to the right: Clint Dempsey...

Thanks for tuning in. Sorry catrachos, but tonight was not your night. The U-S-of-A brings home the bacon: 1-0.

Could have been 5-0, or 5-4 to be honest, but it was good enough, gringos.

Total attendance: 21,170.

90 + '3
And that's it! The boys in red (white) and blue bring home a deserved first win for new coach Jurgen Klinsmann. The US looked like the best team in the second half, but still fell asleep a couple of times on defense.

Not surprinsly, really, since Jurgen was a forward...

The U.S. has looked livelier since making some changes. Agudelo is now in up top, replacing Altidore... we think.

A brilliant chance for DaMarcus Beasley as Agudelo goes crashing into a defender just outside the box, the ball drops to Beasley but his dribble takes him away from goal and his shot is weaker than watered-down whiskey.

Goal #2 for Dempsey! A brilliant, climbing header... but the referee waves it off, calling a foul on the American forward.


Howard makes an arching save to his left to stop a powerful distance shot.

Now Honduras has a free kick, but it's wasted. US could still lose this one...

Another great cross by Shea leads to Altidore dribbling into the box, but he's held off by Honduras's man-mountain of a central back, Osman Chavez. The Honduras fans loved that. Goal kick.

The U.S. misses another sitter! Dempsey did some shake-n-bake on the edge of the box before blasting a curling shot at the far post. The goalie saved but only as far as the six-yard-box where Onyewi somehow put the rebound off the crossbar and over!

Holy ballsack! That's twice our mother could have scored, but Team USA missed.

Maurice Edu makes way for Michael Bradley and DaMarcus Beasley replaces Danny Williams.

There is toilet paper on the field. The Honduras goalie is not cool with that.

Shea fouls a Honduras player to stop a counter-attack. The ref shows him a late yellow card. This game is getting testy. At least four, maybe five American players have now been cautioned.

Corner for the U.S. ...

Off the field, a couple of US and Honduras fans are shouting at one another. But everyone is wearing transparent ponchos to keep out the rain, so they just look like a bunch of angry soap bubbles.

Seconds later Jerry Bengston misses a header from three yards. He was completely unmarked! What's Klinsmann for play some freaking defense!???

The US's terrible defending continues. Honduras's Boniek Garcia bursts through the box and has a one-on-one with Tim Howard only to send his shot wide. Boniek? More like Boner.

What a miss! Shea somehow blows a tap-in after nice 1-2 passing between Altidore and Williams. Altidore sent a cross the far post only for Shea to trip over the ball. Honduras clears.

He's looked great until that moment. Even Riptide could have put that one away.

Brilliant play by the U.S. Shea sends a low pass across the top of the box, Dempsey steps over it, and Altidore passes it wide for Williams, who sends in a good shot. Smothered by the catracho 'keeper.

Still pouring. And once again, Honduras comes out like gangbusters, winning a corner and spraying a shot from distance just wide.

Goooooch. Oguchi Onyewi subs on for Orozco at center back.

The US goes into the break up by a goal but looking shaky on D. Watching the game, you get the impression that Jurgen has taken the handbreak off completely. Shut out? Fuck it! Get us some gooooooooooooooooals.

Fantastic cross from Shea but Williams's header is blocked. Honduras gets a counter and forces a foul. Another yellow card for the U.S.

Team USA has looked great going forward, but more problems at the back. Honduras sends another ball over the top, only for #13 to skew his shot wide from six yards.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL for USA. Dempsey cuts back a Shea cross and places a left-footed shot into the bottom corner of the net. Poor defense by Honduras. I knew there was a reason we used a photo of him for this blog...

A yellow card for Cherundolo's tackle at midfield. The crowd goes crazy. Honduras is all up in Sun Life like a motha.'

Shea dribbles into the box, cuts the ball back but no one is there for the US. The ball squirms out to Danny Williams who tries to place it in the far corner but overhits it.

Another dangerous US corner, but Honduras clears. Both teams playing defense like the UM football team i.e. not at all.

Honduras's goalie makes a great save to deny the US a goal off a set piece. Not sure who headed that one, but better contact and the Americans would be up 1-0.

Chants of "USA, USA" as striker Brek Shea skies a shot over the Honduras goal.

Honduras misses a break away. US 'keeper Tim Howard makes a diving stop to his left to deny #9.

Brek Shea sends his header just wide.

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