Michelle Obama Visits Riverside Elementary -- Hide the Cuban Food!

First Lady Michelle Obama is in Miami today, and she wants to educate young children on the importance of a healthy diet.

Students at Little Havana's Riverside Elementary will welcome Mrs. Obama and local area chefs at 2 p.m. to discuss what schools are doing to improve cafeteria lunch options.

The school was unavailable for comments, but according to a statement about the visit released last week by the White House, "as part of her Let's Move! initiative to reduce childhood obesity, Mrs. Obama will highlight the role schools and community partnerships can play in improving school nutrition, through programs such as school gardens, salad bars and youth involvement."

This past February, when Mrs. Obama announced her national initiative to battle obesity among children, she also managed to pull a few Washington strings via her husband, President Barack Obama. He signed a formal memorandum to establish a national task force on childhood obesity that will see up to $1 billion in federal funds a year over the next ten.

According to the Miami Herald, Ms. Obama and the local chefs will demonstrate "how a school can effectively use a salad bar" and "provide students with fresh fruits and vegetables."

We won't be at the Michelle Obama v. caloric intake bout, nor do we know what chefs will be in her corner, but we figure salad bars are most effective when fully stocked with fruits and vegetables. It shouldn't take $10 billion over the course of decade to figure that out, right?

Nevertheless, as one-time husky children ourselves, we commend Mrs. Obama for her health conscious efforts. We'll support any First Lady initiative as long they're not prophesizing the dangers of marijuana cigarette -- Nancy Regan.