Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman Resigns

Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman has offered her resignation letter. Even though she had reportedly been telling several folks even before this month's elections that she was preparing to retire, the election results drove home the fact that the state party desperately needed a shake up

Thurman, a former congresswoman, was elected as head of the party in 2005. During her time as chair  Democrats made some gains in electing more candidates to the state legislature and US Congress. Though, most of those gains were completely whiped out in the past election cycle. 

You can read Thurman's letter here. Here's an excerpt:
After many months of reflection and discussion with my family, our staff, and many of you, I have decided to retire as Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. In the coming months I look forward to not only spending more time with my husband, John, my children, and grandchildren, but also continuing to serve the Florida Democratic Party. I have pledged to do everything in my power to help ensure that the Chair we elect in the near future has a seamless transition and is ready to succeed in the role.
Now the party must pick the man or woman who can once again make gains in the legislature, as well as help President Obama's election chances in 2012.

Among the names being circulated as a potential replacement: Miami-Dade party chair Richard Lydecker (a close confidant of former Mayor Manny Diaz and supposedly the choice of Sen. Bill Nelson), Palm Beach Democratic chairman Mark Siegel, state House minority leader Franklin Sands, failed Governor candidate and recent failed Lt. Governor candidate Rod Smith and Hillsborough state committeeman Alan Clendenin. Other name are also being thrown around, but anyone who would be considered for the position would also need to be elected as either a county party chair or member of the state committee.