Screw You, Nevin: Bad Boosters Beware of Messing With the U

Right now Nevin Shapiro is jumping off the walls in his cold, dark cell in federal lockup. The disgraced Ponzi schemer must be losing his mind. I wish I was a guard just so I could watch him cry his eyes out. He promised to tear down the University of Miami athletic program with his salacious allegations against the U. Well, Miami is not getting the death penalty. In fact, the school is only losing nine scholarships after waiting three years for the NCAA investigation against the athletic program to end.

Shapiro is looking like an asshole right about now. Let this serve as a warning to these people who pose as boosters who want to use these kids. This shows boosters with bad intentions that just because you give some kids dinner doesn't mean they should front your illegal activities.

I have to give University of Miami President Donna Shalala and her administration credit. The decision to self-impose bowl bans worked in their favor. But I have some mixed emotions about the NCAA decision to take away nine scholarships from UM. That means nine kids won't be able to attend the U.

The reduction in scholarships only hurts the young men trying to get a four-year education worth more than $250,000. As a person who works with teenage student-athletes, I know the scholarship sanctions hurt the kids, not the school. I've never believed in scholarship reductions, because that lets colleges off the hook. That's money the U saves.

Instead, the NCAA should make schools pay a fine that is equal to the amount of money each scholarship is worth. Hit the universities in the pocketbook, but don't prevent a kid from getting a good education.

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