Miami Has the Second Most "Engaged" Workers in America

Stereotypes be damned, a new analysis has found that the Miami metro area has the second most engaged workforce in America, and no that doesn't explain why everyone at your work place has a fiancé but you.

The analysis from Quantum Workplace (a company that sells software meant to drive employee engagement, so keep in mind this isn't an independent analysis) defines employee engagement through three factors: preach, plan and pursuit. Or otherwise whether employees speak highly of their workplace, plan to keep pursuing their career at their current workplace and have a willingness to put forth extra effort.

The analysis used data from surveys of 400,000 employees from nearly 5,000 organizations across several industries that ranged from retail and food service to logistics and finance.

As it turns out, 74.7 percent of workers in South Florida are considered "engaged," only behind Huntsville, Alabama. Overall, the survey found a national level of worker engagement of 68 percent.

Nashville, Austin, and San Antonio rounded out the top five. Lincoln, Nebraska, came in at the bottom with an engagement level of 57.1 percent.

Miami saw its engagement level jump 6.50 percent from 2012 to 2013, though that was only the fifth highest gain.

Keep in mind this isn't a measure necessarily of good customer service, results, quality of work or integrity.

It's a measure of things like whether employees trust and respect their bosses, get along with their co-workers, think their company has a bright future and feel valued at their jobs.

Interestingly and of note to Miami, is that whites and Hispanics tied for being the most engaged employees by racial and ethnic lines, with 71 percent of both rated as engaged. Asians and African American weren't far behind with 70 percent and 67 percent each. Interestingly, multiracial employees were the least engaged, according to the study's authors.

As for Miami coming in second, the results do make a certain amount of sense to us. What else do we value here over but hustling (everyday), loyalty and trying to keep chill vibes?

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