News Roundup

  • In order to move forward on that wonderful "Slot Machines in the Airport" idea, the County Commission ok'd the Airport's pursuit of getting a horse racing permit. [SFBJ]
  • Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan traveled to Tallahassee yesterday to ask that the government facilitate the filming of more television shows and moves in Florida and specifically Miami. [NBCMiami]
  • Crime Stoppers always offer rewards for information in big cases, but one man claims that he never received his $250,000 pay out. [CBS4]
  • Local media hardly mentions the party affiliation of local candidates in non-partisan elections, but with Regalado's win once and for all Miami will be off that stupid list of "All these cities have high poverty because they've never had a Republican Mayor" list that Republicans like to forward each other once and for all. [NYTimes]
  • The Heat lost for the first time this season, falling 104-96 to the Phoenix Suns. [AP]
  • Coach Spoelstra is praising Udonis Haslem's "selflessness" of sitting on the bench in favor of one man scandal machine Michael Beasley. [SunSent]