Urban Beach Weekend, Facebook, and the Age of the Ignorati

Almost a month after the ignominious conclusion of Memorial Day Weekend on Miami Beach, ignorance is still flowing strong on a Facebook group page calling for an end to the controversial week-long unofficial party.

No matter how many times the administrators, who include Miami Beach gay activist Herb Sosa, remind folks to keep it civil or they'll get banned, some people can't help but devolve into intolerant mush mouths who would make a 1960s era Klansman proud. What's laughable is that the worst offenders don't even reside in Miami Beach. SMH.

Here are is a brief timeline of the harshest comments:

  • June 21: "Oh boy, he's back...Terrance is the owner of by the way, no one would want to drive down the street in his neighborhood - he lives in the ghetto and wants to turn South Beach into one too." -- Debbie Hayden, a Miami Beach resident responding to Terrance Smith, an African American party promoter who pointed out the city can't ban one particular group of people from using a public beach.
  • June 18: "That video breaks my heart. It's sad and disgusting. It looks like Compton, LA." -- Lisa Odden, alleged former Miami Beach resident who now kicks it in Minneapolis, commenting on a two-minute video of rapper Wacka Flacka casually strolling around Ocean Drive shaking hands and posing for pictures with fans, yet surprisingly no footage of gang fights or dudes throwing Crip and Blood hand signs.
  • June 16: "Just play Latin music or house music those 4 days everywhere in restuarants, hotels, and nightclubs and that crowd won't come here anymore for sure. Maybe they still gonna come but just as a minority. That's how we will end all this bullshit." -- Alex Fernandez, a Miami Beach graphic designer on how to stop the 200,000 plus predominantly African American tourists from coming to Miami Beach on Memorial Day Weekend. 
  • June 13: "They should move this stupid event to Somalia. Let 'em all hang out on a cruise ship with some pirates!!!" -- David C. Yaros, an IBM mainframe computer technician living in Poughkeepsie, New York.
  • June 12: "One of the few advantages of living in Canada is that we have far fewer of these savages. And no that was not a typo: I said savages." -- Jude Theobscure, a Toronto resident obviously operating under a nomme de plume.

Certainly the group trying to end Urban Beach Weekend has a legitimate beef about the city's lack of control over the streets, but when you read the comments on their Facebook page, we can't help but wonder WTF is wrong with these crackers?

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