Does Dwyane Wade Want Out of Miami? No, He Just Wants to Sell You Cell Phone Service

We said yesterday that if Dwyane Wade ever left Miami we'd wouldn't freak out to the same degree that Cleveland did over LeBron. But, yes, we'd probably have some sort of temporary meltdown before maintaining a stiff upper lip pretending that we've never even heard of the guy before. After playing with our emotions over the free agency period, Wade's latest ad for T-Mobile tugs at Wade-abandonment syndrome.

Luckily, it's just a CBS sitcom-level comedic mishap.

The ad is the latest in Wade and Charles Barkley's ads for T-Mobile and was directed by noted Knicks fan Spike Lee (he may be one of the most important voices in American cinema from the past 25 years, but those front row seats don't pay for themselves).

Wade also make an appearance in another 60 second spot centering on Barkley.

Both ads will premier on television during the NBA's Christmas day match ups.

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