Marco Rubio Fighting Out Against Anti-Miami Bias

President Obama and many in his administration have been accused of "Chicago style-politics" by the likes of Glenn Beck and others. Now Marco Rubio is facing similar criticism for being "a slick package from Miami." Maybe the two can get together and man hug it out.

"Rubio is a slick package from Miami, and people have not seen the other side of Marco Rubio and who he is, where he stands and his flip-flopping, whether it be taxes or cap-and-trade or high-speed rail," state Sen. Mike Fasano, a Republican from New Port Richie who bakes Crist, told The Times/Herald in a recent story.

Rubio's campaign didn't take too kindly to the dirty insult in that sentence. No not "flip-flopping," but "Miami."

"There's something about Miami that he thought was important to include in that description...It's alarming given the subtle references and connections that the Crist campaign has tried to etch in voters's minds about Marco Rubio and his record and how that all plays into where he's from," campaign spokesman Alex Burgos told Naked Politics.

Yes, the Miami area has a well-deserved reputation for political corruption. Rubio started his political career in West Miami, a town where the mayor just got busted for racking up long distance calls to lady friends on the tax-payers dime.

We're not necessarily sure Rubio is scot-free of that image, but we'll applaud his efforts to erase an anti-Miami bias. Though, we just wish he asks for an apology for Glenn Beck and all the other right-wingers who have lined up to support him anytime they bring out that "Chicago style-politics" line.