Jesus Power: Woman Spots Jesus Image on Power Meter

Jesus lives! In the power meter of a woman from Clermont, Florida, just northwest of Orlando. WKMG Local 6 News reports the woman, whose name was not released,  said she noticed the image of God's son on the metal and glass box close to her mobile home. 

She said, "I have heard that he does appear in many places at many times. Maybe it's a sign of his soon-coming."

She called the discovery a blessing, with Easter Sunday right around the corner. (April 8)

The woman saw the image while she was praying on her porch at the Torchlite RV Park off U.S. Highway 27. "I came out on the patio and I was praying and I just looked over back towards the woods and I seen this here," she said. "And it was like a comfort to me."

While the idea of God's offspring appearing in a non-working power box may seem comforting to us sinners looking for a jolt to heaven, the fact is Jesus wasn't the first person we thought of when we saw the image. George Clooney with a beard? Wayne Newton, maybe? 

The man on the power meter looks like he has a handle bar mustache. Did Jesus have one of those? 

Nonetheless, handle bar mustache Christ drew in a frenzy of neighbors who took photos with their cell phones.