Miami Narrowly Loses to Duke in ACC Semifinals

Welp, we might as well update you on the ACC tournament, and sadly the Miami Hurricane's surprising run has come to an end. They lost to top seeded Duke 77-74, despite a lead at half time and catching up from some large deficits.

Alas, you really can't expect, as much as we so desperately wanted to, that the last seeded team could come into the tournament of one of college basketballs most storied conferences and run the board. Especially with Dwayne Collins not on the floor.

That Durand Scott though, damn. He lead the team with 23 points, and he's only a freshman. Fellow Frosh Reggie Johnson also scored 14 points, and sophomore Malcolm Grant picked up 15. Now that's something you can really build a program around in the next few years.

As for this year, the 'Canes chances of reaching the NCAA tournament pretty much only would have happened if the secured the ACC championship. Though, their play this week should solidify an NIT invite, and if they continue to play as good as they did against NCAA quality teams we imagine they might be a force in the lesser tourney.