Tweets of the Week: Dolphins Player Thinks You're Gay If You Own a Blackberry

This week's athlete heavy Twitter roundup includes Kory Sheet's take on the sexual proclivities of Blackberry users, a Marlins player's chill new faux-hawk, LeBron's love of college football. Also, the only Republican left who supports gay rights wins an award from a gay Republican group, and some lady who occasionally lives in the city and sings is going to be on some TV show.

Dolphins Running Back Kory Sheets, who apparently missed the opportunity to use the handle "SheetsTweets," thinks you're gay if you own a Blackberry.

Maybe GLAAD has $500 sitting around?

​LeBron James continues his non-Canes love of college football, this time practicing with the University of Akron team.

Marlins player Logan Morrison got his nails done, hair done, everything did. Oh, you fancy, huh?

Nice faux-hawk, bro.

Chad Ochocinco is insane. In other news, the sky tweeted it was blue.

Uncle Luke thinks the U's D turned Pitt face down, ass up like true champs.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen would like to remind you she is just about the only elected Republican left in D.C. who supports gay rights. I mean, really, who else is the gay Republican group gonna give their awards to? Not Kory Sheets. Notice that Ros-Lehtinen's tweet was sent from her Blackberry.

Irrelevant pop star joins cast of soon-to-be irrelevant reality show. The only thing relevant about her now is that her hubby has a small stake in the Dolphins.