Whiny Clevelanders Ask LeBron "What Should We Do?"

LeBron James' latest Nike ad continues to be parodied, and this latest version featuring the pissed off citizens of Cleveland is some serious shit. The bitterness and pure unadulterated hate emanating from these people is, honestly, quite scary. Mixed in with footage from the original commercial is clips of various Clevelanders delivering choice words to LeBron, and asking "What should we do?" Yeah, we've got a few ideas of what you should do Cleveland.

Try: Getting the fuck over it, damn bitches.

At the end of the day LeBron is just some cocky 25-year-old who lucked out in the talent department, and both The Heat and The Cavaliers are franchises of a billion dollar company that ultimately cares more about the bottom line than fans.

Sports are fun and all, but if you're seriously still that upset about this months later you need to get your priorities straight.

Sure, few "back stabbings" were as spectacular as the one you, the citizens of Cleveland, received from LeBron. We completely understand that, but it's part of sports.

Do you think we like seeing, say, Jason Taylor suiting up in green and kicking our own Dolphins' asses with the New Jersey Jets of all teams? We rooted for the guy on Dancing with the Stars for God's sake! You don't know sports fan devotion until you turn into an episode of a dancing show to see a favorite athlete, OK.

You know what happened when Taylor announced his decision to join our most hated rivals? We brushed off our shoulders, prepared for another season of Dolphins mediocrity, and moved on with our lives. We got 99 problems, but a traitor bitch ain't one. Try that attitude sometime Cleveland. That's what you should do.