News Roundup


  • Yet another publication takes a crack at understanding the reaction to President Obama's changes in Cuba policy amongst Cuban Americans in Miami. This time it's the Washington Post, and they find, quite poetically, that the hard lines have softened. I think honestly though, the pieces on the matter that have come out of non-local sources have been mostly better than what the local media has produced. [WaPo]
  • Former New Times writer Rebecca Wakefield has landed herself a job as an adviser to Miami Beach mayor Matti Herrera. Rebecca, you know where to send the good scoops. [Herald]
  • Mark Rosenberg, former State University System Chancellor has been named the new president of Florida International University. [SunSent]
  • Nothing helps you kick your cocaine habit like the power of Orthodox Judaism, or so says one North Miami Beach rehab center. [Villager]
  • A South Miami-Dade pastor plead guilty to charges that he was stalking a teen girl. [Herald]
  • Good news for pill poppers. The legislature can pass all the laws it wants, but they may do little to actually curb so called pill mills. [Herald]
  • A gunman fired an AK-47 at a group of people standing outside the home of Brandon Mills (who was killed in the Liberty City shootings back in January). 5 victims, one as young as 14, were injured. Some witnesses were reluctant to talk because they feared retaliation. [Herald]
Sports (So much sports we don't know where to start)
  • First off: NFL Draft. The Dolphins' first pick was Vontae Davis, a corner back from Illinois. [SPI]
  • RIP NFLU. For 14 year, 14 friggin years people, a University of Miami player has been drafted in the first round. This year the U placed one player, Spencer Adkins, and he went in the 6th round to Atlanta. Congrats to Adkins, but otherwise this is just embarrassing. Who should we be mad at: Larry Coker for recruiting the graduating class of '09 or Randy Shannon for not making the most of their talent? [CP]
  • Time for happy news! The Heat destroyed the Hawks on Saturday 107-78. Not even close. They lead the first round playoff series now 2-1. [ACJ]
  • UM baseball beat Virgina Tech this Sunday to win the weekend series 2-1. [Herald]
  • Miami FC is playing games. We pretend to care by posting this link. [Herald]
  • Finally, Marlins, we just want you to know that we have never been more disappointed by any single entity, sports franchise or otherwise, in our entire lives. [AP]