Rick Scott Will be Holding "Facebook Townhall" Tonight

Back in January Gov. Rick Scott tried to connect with the people of

Florida through Twitter. He, of course, got called a "jackass" and

decided to sign off shortly after. Now he's giving this whole interwebs

thing another try and will be hosting a Facebook Townhall tonight.

The internet event will kick off tonight at 7:15 pm. Though it won't be hosted officially on Facebook, but rather through a Facebook plug-in on the Governor's official site. So get your questions ready and point your browser here later tonight.

The event will only last half an hour, but the Gov will try and answer as many questions as possible. We just want to know why he hates free trains so much.

Though, if it's anything like the Twitter townhall, don't expect the Gov to give very committal or in-depth answers to anything.

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