LeBron Thinks Ohio State Will Beat 'Canes, May Attend Game

LeBron James may be headed back to Ohio soon. The Heat star tweeted today he may make an appearance at next Saturday's game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Miami Hurricanes, but he'll be rooting for OSU.

We wish LeBron would stop trying to re-ingratiate himself with Ohio sports fans. He's made his Miami bed, now he has to sleep in it. Of course, maybe there's a little of that old LeBron ego at play.

Here's The King's Tweet:

Historically the Hurricanes mean much more to Miami than the Heat. Hell, they had already won two national championships before the Heat even existed. Maybe LeBron is a little worried that his star could shine a little less in the galaxy of Miami sports.

Imagine it: If the currently number 13 'Canes beat the number 2 Buckeyes they instantly spark national championship talk (at least until the following week's Pitt game). All those black and red jerseys we've been seeing around town get swapped out to orange and green ones. The reemergence of The U becomes the biggest story in Miami sports, not the Heat's big three.

That being said, as every sports talking head constantly reminds us Miamians are about the only people in the country who don't have a collective passionate hate for LeBron burning in our sporting soles. So maybe if LeBron wants to attend an Ohio State game (to be honest though, we'd be concerned for his safety) he could do it at another game.