New Poll Has Sink up by Five in Gov Race, As Momentum Swings Back to Democrats

A new poll by Public Policy Polling has Alex Sink up by five points over Rick Scott in the Governor's Race, with independents and self-described moderates seemingly lining up behind the Democrat. Still, with just a few weeks left in the campaign, 14 percent remain undecided. 

The PPP poll shows Sink with 46 percent of the vote, Republican Rick Scott with 41 percent, and 14 percent still undecided. PPP hasn't polled the race since August, back when independent Bud Chiles was still running. Then, they had the race at 41-34-8. 

Scott's numbers have improved since then as he captures more of the Republican base after a divisive primary battle. Though, he's not making many inroad outside of Conservative and Republicans. 

Sink is preferred by 65 percent of Moderates, compared to just 12 percent who like Scott. 53 percent of Independents support Sink, compared to just 26 percent who like Scott. 

Scott also has something of an image problem. 52 percent of voters, a majority, have an unfavorable view of Scott. Sink is viewed favorably by 44 percent. 

Many polls throughout the month of September showed Scott with a lead, but Real Clear Politics reports that momentum has shifted back to Sink. As of now, their poll average gives Sink a small 0.6 percent advantage.