Democrat Maurice Ferre Doesn't Back Democrat Health Plan One Day After Democrat Loss

Former Mayor of Miami Maurice Ferre, who somehow thinks he is running for US Senate even though he is trailing in the primary race for the party that is trailing in the general election race, has announced that he doesn't support the Democratic healthcare plan.  

"It is a special-interest plan that raises taxes and favors insurance and pharmaceutical companies. I fear the president has lost sight of his original goal of extending health care to all Americans and at the same time controlling health-care costs," said Ferre.

The announcement comes, probably not coincidentally, one day after some gaffe-prone train wreck of a Democratic candidate lost a special election to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate to a former nude model named Scott Brown in Massachusetts

Even though it's really hard to brandish the results of the most liberal state rejecting "Obamacare" because Mass. already has it's own health care reform that they tend to enjoy thank you very much, the end result is that Democrats now only have 19 more warm bodies sitting in senate seats that Republican as opposed to the magical 20. Which, because Democracy is a wonderful thing (just ask Michelle Spence-Jones), means health care is doomed.