Watch: Chris Bosh Made a Cameo on Parks & Rec Last Night

Chris Bosh has continued his impressive streak of making cameos during primetime TV.

He's already appeared Jessie, Go On, Law & Order: SVU, and Entourage. Last night, without any warning, Bosh popped up in the middle of Parks & Recreation.

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A little background if you don't watch the show (or if you do and missed last night's episode, than a mild spoil alert): Leslie Knope is a city commissioner for Pawnee Indiana, which is basically the white Hialeah of Indiana. It's haughty neighboring town Eagleton is basically Coral Gables... if not Fisher Island. It's a town so fancy they have Michael Bublé on retainer for brunches, fill their swimming pools with bottled water, bought every citizen an HBO subscription...

... and, apparently, hired Chris Bosh as a ringer on their high school basketball team.

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