Larry King's Miami Love Child & His Weird OJ Simpson Fantasies

Larry King has been married seven times, so excuse him if he forgot that one time when one of the wives told him, "Hey, I'm pregnant and probably going to name the kid Larry King, Jr." The couple was divorcing so Larry thought the statement was just out of spite, and never gave a second thought to it.

This particular wife, Annette Kay, was hitched to King during his time in Miami. She didn't remind King about the kid until 15 years ago when she was dying of lung cancer. Larry went down to Miami to meet Larry Jr and apparently the two have developed a good relationship, but he didn't go public with the story until this week. Probably because he's got a book to promote.

Which is why Larry King is everywhere, including the new GQ, where he professes his weird admiration for another former Miami resident: OJ Simpson.

"Friends of his I know told me, never saw him raise his voice. Talk to

his secretary--best guy she ever worked for. Calm. Never stressed. Other

hand: Something happened that night. It's terrible to kill anybody. But

I don't know what drugs played a part. I do believe, knowing the

American society, if he had fallen down that night, right there, thrown

away the knife, said, 'I don't know what happened, I did it, I came

here, she was with this guy, I went crazy, I had rage--do what you want

to me; I don't even ask for the mercy of the court.' The man's got a

good record. Let's say he gets twenty years. Gets out in ten. He

becomes the number one expert on rage. Writes a book. Finds religion.

He's on Larry King Live: 'Here's O.J.'s latest book, Rage to Live...'

Becomes a respected member of..."

Yeah, Larry, that sounds totally reasonable.

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