Venetian Causeway Closing Poses Problems for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The Venetian Causeway is scheduled to be closed for most of May while it undergoes maintenance. While this is an inconvenience for motorists who regularly use the bridge, it could pose major safety issues for pedestrians and bicyclists who rely on the causeway as a safer means of traveling between the Beach and mainland than either the MacArthur or the Julia Tuttle.

Automotive traffic will be rerouted toward the MacAruthur, but last month's fatality involving NFL player Donte' Stallworth hitting a pedestrian only underscores how dangerous the road can be for anyone traveling without a car.

Yesterday, Transit Miami implored its readers to call up Miami-Dade County Public Works to ask them to put up temporery barriers on the MacArthur to ensure that bicyclist and pedestrians can commute safely. However, that causeway is under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportation.

"We're making arrangements to make sure that bicyclists and pedestrians can travel safely," said Delfin Molins, Public Information Officer for MDCPW when we called him today.

Seems they've recieved Transit Miami's message loud and clear, however they have less than three days before the Venetian is scheduled to close.