Notes From "The Mansion": Diary of a 17-Year-Old Sex Worker

This week's feature tells the story of a photographer-turned-pimp, a "mansion" full of prostitutes, and a big (albeit accidental) bust by Miami-Dade police officers.

While reporting the story, New Times inherited some unusual files. They included pimp Hugo Gonzalez's "business" documents, which were as tidy as they were pornographic. (Think naked hooker photos next to the tax returns.) There were also receipts for his girls' STD tests, plastic surgeries, and hair colorings.

Diary entries -- taken from a box of evidence -- were the most personal. One journal came from a 17-year-old witness named "L.G," who informed cops that Gonzalez made her call him "Daddy." In the writings, she tallies all of the men she has slept with inside the million-dollar Glenvar Heights home. Then she lists the drugs she has done, and the money she has made. In a disturbing twist -- or should I say more disturbing? -- the entries are decorated with My Little Pony stickers, smiley-faces, and happy little hearts.

Here's a glimpse into L.G.'s mind. (Name has been removed; click to enlarge.) UPDATE: DIARY IMAGES HAVE BEEN REMOVED AT L.G.'S REQUEST