Brooke Hogan's Lesbian Kiss

The premiere of Brooke Knows Best's second season was, dare I say, touching. We all know the personal saga of the Hogans (a messy divorce, the son's stint in jail, and the matriarch dating a 19-year-old boy toy), but that episode almost made you feel for a family with loads of money and a dangerous reality-TV addiction. Sure, taking a boat trip with your pro-wrestler father toward the dock of your mother's multimillion-dollar bay-front Clearwater mansion and being greeted by the whimpers of a pack of pure-bred dogs doesn't exactly resonate in a "my life is just like that" way, but it was sad. 

Well, Episode 2 went back to VH1's patented celebreality nonsense (and South Beach), and OMG, y'all, Brooke Hogan went on a date with a real-life lesbian (we know this because she has short hair and rides a motorcycle) and then kissed her, just like in the popular song "I Kissed a Girl (and I Liked the Attention)."

Brooke ended up on the date because she made her gay friend, Tokén Gay, go on a date with a girl because he has such problems dating gay men. Oh, reality TV.