Florida's Original Justin Bieber Has His Life Ruined By Canada's Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is actually a 35-year-old self-admitted pinball machine who makes his home in Jacksonville, Fla. Of course, there's that other Justin Bieber: a walking pile of Canadian bangs with a high pitched singing voice, a growing amount of awkward smugness, and a legion of devoted, near fanatical fans. That Bieber is not making life easy for original Bieber. The man has had his Facebook deleted, and receives dozens of phone calls and fan messages from victims of Bieber fever each day.

Jacksonville's ABC news affiliate reports that Bieber Classic had his Facebook deleted after the service thought he was running a fake account, and he's had trouble getting in touch with anyone to have it reinstated. Damn you, Zuckerberg.&

His phone number was leaked to a fan website, and he claims that he's even received calls from well-known singers. Most days he has to unplug it.

He receives up-to-ten fan messages through the post each day. Unfortunately none of them include checks.

The good news is that now everyone knows how to correctly pronounce his last name, and lets be honest, he only has to wait for New Bieber's voice to crack for this to all be over.

Honestly, it could be worse. He could be named Fidel Castro.

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