Miami Workers Are the Happiest Workers in America According to Some Sort of Study

While it may be increasingly difficult to actually secure employment in Miami, those of us who have seem to love our job. That's according to a new study by that analyzed more than 43,000 employee reviews across the country. It's actually the second year in a row that Miami took top honors.

Survey participants were asked to rank their satisfaction with their job on a scale of one to five in the following categories according to "relationship with the boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and control over the work done does on a daily basis. They evaluated each factor on a five-point scale and also indicated how important it was to their overall happiness."

Miami scored a whopping 4.140 on the "bliss index."

"This is the second year in a row that Miami is one of the CareerBliss' happiest cities to work in," a CareerBliss rep tells Forbes. "Miami's leading industries include tourism, international trade, and international banking. Over the last 12 months employees in the travel and leisure sector have had a large increase in overall happiness. This shift was apparent in our recent data on CareerBliss' 50 Happiest Companies in America, where we saw companies like Hilton Worldwide and Hyatt Hotels outrank technology ones such as Google. This trend appears to continue in Miami, where tourism continues to lead as the city's principal industry."

Worcester, Massachusetts; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; San Jose, California; and Oxnard, California rounded out the top five. New Haven, Connecticut took home first place for city with the unhappiest workers.

This despite previous surveys have named us both one of the most stressful cities in America, and the second most miserable.

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