Perez Hilton Gets Popped For Calling will.i.am a Derogatory Slur

Which side do you take in a squirmish between one of the most loathsome gossip mongers in the world and a musician whose latest song un-ironically includes the lyrics "Fill up my cup (Drink)/Mozolotov (La Chaim)?"

Perez Hilton, who once appeared on our cover with a black eye, is claiming that a will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas assaulted him at a nightclub in Toronto last night. 

According to reports, fellow Black Eyed Peas member Fergie approached Hilton at an afterparty for the MuchMusic awards and confronted him about the negative coverage he often heaps upon the band. At another afterparty at a club called Cobra, Hilton once again crossed paths with the Peas. The argument turned heated, and Hilton admits to calling will.i.am a "faggot." At that point, the group's manager, Polo Molina, allegedly punched Hilton in the face. 

Perez tweeted, "I was assaulted by will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke," placing blame on the singer/producer, but police have Molina in custody, according to TMZ.

Violence is never right, we'll agree with Hilton, but let's back up for a second. Why is Hilton, who likes to pretend he's some renegade vigilante for gay rights on account of his outing of celebrities and involvement in the Miss California hubbub, going around calling people a faggot in a derogatory manner? For that matter, why did he expose embarrassing pictures of bona fide gay rights champion Dustin Lance Black last week? And why would he tweet that he was assaulted by will.i.am, when in actuality it was a member of his entourage? 

Oh right, because this guy will do anything to bring attention to himself and the page views into his website. Sorry you got punched dude, but maybe people would have more sympathy for you if you didn't take every chance to blow things up in such a sensational proportion.