Dwyane Wade Tells Gabrielle Union When to Wear Spanx

So maybe you didn't get an invitation to Dwyane Wade's $100,000 29th birthday bash this weekend that spanned both the W and Mokai, but someone with a video camera sure did. They caught Wade's girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, delivering her candid, funny and heartfelt speech for the occasion. For a couple that kept their relationship under wraps for a few years, they sure are public now, and Union isn't afraid to let the crowd know that Wade lets her know when her weave ain't right or she needs to put on a pair of Spanx.

Union also lets the crowd know that Wade is "fucking hot without his clothes on" and that the 38-year-old actress cant wait until he's 30 because "it makes me sound like a little bit less of a pervert."

Though, she also calls him an "amazing man" and repeatedly compliments his fathering skills, which has already caused one gossip blog to speculate that Union is pregnant.

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