Supermodel Joanna Krupa Sues Miami Beach Club for Putting Her Image on Party Flyer

Note to all club promoters out there: You can't just browse through Google Image Search and put pictures of any sexy lady you find on your flyer. See, sometimes that sexy lady will find that flyer and sue your ass for using her image to promote your party.

That's what happened to Kitchen 305, the restaurant and nightclub inside the Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort in Sunny Isles. The put a picture of supermodel Joanna Krupa (a former Playmate and Dancing with the Stars Contestant) on their flyer, and now she's filing a lawsuit. Of course, Krupa just happens to be engaged to the owner of a rival Miami Beach club.

Kitchen 305 slapped an image of Krupa on their flyer for a post-WMC April 2nd event called "The Hangover." The image, which shows Krupa in little more than thigh high leather boots, originally came from a layout in the now-defunct Stuff magazine.

Krupa's lawyer told the Daily Business Review that she's been trying to negotiate compensation for months, but decided to file a lawsuit after getting no where.

"Krupa is very selective with regard to which commercial ventures she will associate her name and/or likeness as she does not want to dilute the value of her name or be associated with any commercial venture which she does not approve," read the lawsuit.

Here's the thing though, Krupa happens to be engaged to a Romain Zago who owns Mynt Lounge. While Kitchen 305 and Mynt are hardly in the same class of nightclub, we have to wonder if Krupa would even be aware of the flyer if her fiancée didn't happen to be a big name in the local nightclub industry.

So promoters, if you are going to try and flout the laws and slap a super model on your flyer, just make sure she's not dating the owner of another club first.