Recall Results: Alvarez and Seijas Are Gone

The people of Miami-Dade have spoken, and they were not ambiguous about it: County Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Commissioner Natacha Seijas are out of a job. The total vote count isn't in just yet, but as of now, both were ousted with about 88 percent of voters checking "yes."

You can watch the rest of the votes come in at the county election website, but it's unlikely the numbers will change much.

While turnout was strong by Miami-Dade municipal election standards, the website estimates that voter turnout still sat at a relatively dismal 15 percent. So the landslide results aren't that shocking. Neither Alvarez nor Seijas did much in the way of mounting a campaign to save themselves outside of failed legal challenges. Voters who turned out were likely motivated to do so to recall the pair.

So now two politicians, one notoriously nasty and the other who ranges from shady to clueless, are out of a job. Now comes the fun of deciding who will replace them. This being Miami-Dade, we aren't too hopeful the replacements will be much better. Please, prove us wrong.

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