Zogby Poll: Crist Leads Rubio by 9 points; What Happened to that Tie?

How is it that two generally respected political polling companies have come to such a different conclusion on the state of Florida's Republican Primary with numbers released with in a day of each other? Yesterday's Rasmussen poll found that Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist were in a tie, with 42 percent each. Today Zogby International finds that Crist has a clear 9-point lead, with 45 percent to Rubio's 36.

Of course, political polling this far out is a tricky business, and what matters more is the general trend, and whatever the exact numbers, that trend isn't good news for Crist. When Rubio first entered the race many predicted he wouldn't be competitive, let along hold Crist under 50 percent.

Zogby also found that Bill McCollum leads the Republican Governor primary with 36 percent of the vote to Puala Dockery's seven.

55 percent of voters support the propose Fair District ballot initiatives that may be included on the 2010 ballot, while less than nine percent oppose it.