Charlie Crist Agrees to Two Nationally Televised Debates Update: Marco Wants Fox First

If there was any doubt that Florida's Republican primary has become one of the marquee elections of 2010, it ought to be eliminated as Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio are now likely to face off in not one, but two nationally televised debates.

The Buzz reports that not only has Crist agreed to face off against Rubio on Fox News Sunday, but has also agreed to do the same on NBC's Meet the Press.

The Meet the Press meeting will go air on March 7, while the Fox bout will air just three weeks later on March 28.

Rubio has already agreed to the Fox debate, but this is the first we've heard of the NBC offer. No word on whether he's accepted that invite as well. 

Update: Naked Politics reports that Rubio will gladly debate Crist on both channels, but he wants to go on Fox First. 

"No national news organization has shown greater interest in covering this race than FOX. It's unfortunate that Charlie Crist doesn't understand this," says Rubio mouth-piece Alex Burgos.

We're not exactly sure why that's "unfortunate" or why the feelings of giant media conglomerates should be taken into account when they two try to debate over who would best represent Florida in the Senate. Not to mention that NBC, being broadcast, would reach more voter's homes. Of course, Fox News is known for having something of conservative bias. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.