Jersey Shore Producers Officially Scout South Beach Locations

We're not sure if this is a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, but the prospect of the Jersey Shore cast coming to South Beach for season two just got a little more real.

TMZ reports producers sent a letter to Mynt Lounge asking if they'd be able to shoot footage for the show this March and April (they'd be here during WMC apparently) and that they "won't be able to shoot the show on Miami Beach unless we're able to shoot in the hottest clubs."

Producers say they haven't settled on a location just yet, but this is a strong indication South Beach is at the top of their list. Like way too many things in town, it seems the power ultimately lies in the hands of club owners.

Are clubs such as Mynt, which we imagine fancy themselves a step above places like the Beachcomber Bar & Grill, going to want to identify themselves with reality TV's fist-pumping-est guilty pleasure?