Richie Incognito Once Sexually Harassed a Woman with a Golf Club, but Police Did Nothing

Another day, another serving of evidence that Richie Incognito is a giant douche potato. Back in 2012 during a Dolphins-sponsored charity golf event, a female volunteer claims that Incognito touched her private parts with a golf club, rubbed his groin against her buttocks and poured water on her face. The victim notified both the team and police, but nothing was ultimately done.

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According to NBC Miami, the incident happened May 18, 2012 at the Fins Weekend Golf Tournament at the Turnberry Resort in Aventura. According to the police report, a 34-year-old woman was working as a volunteer hole monitor when she encountered a seemingly intoxicated Incognito. The offensive lineman allegedly used his golf club to touch the woman in her private areas and then knocked a pair of sunglasses from her head.

He then leaned up against the woman's butt with his own nether regions and said "let it rain! let it rain!" Finally he poured water on the woman's face.

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Others allegedly saw the incident and did nothing about it. Giving further credence to the idea that Incognito is not a "man" who is "tough" enough to take care of his own misdeeds, the woman was approached by former Dolphin Nate Moore. Moore told the woman the incident would be taken care of.

"She felt like he didn't care and thought the whole incident was in fun and games," reads the police report. "Other people apologized for him, but not him."

But nothing happened. So ten hours later, the woman filed a police report with the Aventura police, but because the charges would be misdemeanors, the police never made an arrest. They advised the woman to contact the State Attorney's Office if she wanted to pursue charges further.

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