DNC Member Wants Bob Graham To Hammer Out Deal Between Crist and Meek

Jon Ausman is a representative for Florida on the Democratic National Committee, and boy does he have a good idea on how to prevent Marco Rubio from winning the senate race. He wants former Governor and Senator Bob Graham to sit down with Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek and has out a plan in which one of the candidates would drop out. Despite his seat on the DNC, Ausman is not exactly influential in Florida politics, and is no friend of Kendrick Meek.

"Clearly 55 percent of voters are opposed to Marco Rubio as governor. I think the best thing would be to have (former Governor) Bob Graham broker something between (Crist) and Meek," Ausman said at a press conference this morning. "One of them's got to be the adult and say, 'I'm going to support the other guy.'"

This idea, with the exception of involving Graham, is nothing new. The Wall Street Journal floated the idea in a poorly source piece with few people speaking on the record. While it's idle speculation, we have to wonder if Ausman played any part in that story.

Ausman, a former vice chair of the Florida Democratic Party, is also no friend of Meek. He amazingly endorsed laughable billionaire candidate Jeff Greene in the democratic primary. The endorsement came a day after Greene wrote Ausman a $4,000 check.

It's quite amazing though that Democrats are grasping at winning strategies with less than three weeks left to go in the election.

Hell, the only shot the Dems have at winning this outright at this point is to somehow get Bob Graham himself to run. Unfortunately, its much too late that.

There's not even a guarantee that either Meek or Crist dropping out would result in a win. Even if Crist does win, he hasn't said he'd be caucusing with Democrats. Besides, how much is Graham going to be able to pursued Crist? The last time Crist ran for senate, back in 1998 when he actually managed to capture the Republican nomination, he was trounced by Graham in a 63-37 landslide.

Besides, at this point both candidates' names will be on the ballot no matter whether anyone echnically "drops out." Plus, forcing Meek out could result in some democratic voters deciding to stay home on election day, which could hurt Democrats across the ballot.