Hannah Giles Shocked By "ACORN Pimp" Partner's Actions

Hanna Giles, the FIU student and local girl who was catapulted to conservative fame by posing as a prostitute in those infamous ACORN sting videos, isn't standing by her "pimp."

James O'Keffe, who posed as the pimp to Giles' ho, was arrested yesterday for taking part in an plot to mess with the phones in Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu's New Orleans office.

From Salon's WarRoom:

"I am shocked by the reports of this behavior," Giles said in a statement that the Christian conservative Liberty Legal Institute e-mailed to reporters. "I am well aware that following the law is an integral part of being a good investigative journalist. I take that responsibility and accountability very seriously. I certainly hope these reports are untrue."

O'Keffe for his part took to his Twitter today to let everyone know that, "I am a journalist. The truth shall set me free." Part of us thinks he's as much of an actual journalist as he is a pimp.