UM Plasters Campus in Anti-Four Loko Flyers

Four Loko, the caffeinated magically demented booze in a can, has already made headline news on the University of Miami student newspaper, and now concerned administrators are plastering the campus in anti-Loko flyers warning apparently dumb college kids that, no, downing numerous 23.5-ounce cans of highly caffeinated cheap malt liquor is not such a bright idea.

NBCMiami reports that the flyers which are displayed on several places across campus uses phrases like "black out in a can" and "liquid crack" to describe the suddenly popular mix of energy drink and malt beverage. They also warn that the energy drink properties can mask the effects of the alcohol, and students may not be aware of how drunk they actually are and make decisions like deciding to drive.

Meanwhile, stores that sell the drink near the Coral Gables campus are selling out of the camo cans.

"I put it in the cooler, and the next day it's all gone. I double-ordered it for this week," a manager of Gulf Liquors tells Just News.

Nationally Four Loko has begun to raise concern with anti-drunk driving groups, college campuses and parents. Already one US Campus, Ramampo, has banned the drink after several incidents.

As adults who have thankfully grown out of the college mindset we're glad UM is warning their students. There's already talk of concerned parties demanding the makers to reformulate the drink (a similar effort was successful in taking the caffeine out of Sparks), or an outright ban. Frankly though we like at least having the option of buying a big ol' can of instadrunk for under three bucks. Then again, we're not stupid enough to drink more than one, and even after one we make sure we have a ride home.

Even if Four Loko is banned, the trend of mixing alcohol and caffeine isn't going away. There's always the popular DIY option of mixing Red Bull with Vodka, or the much more down and dirty option of chasing down a bottle of Cisco brand bum wine with shots of gas station cafecito.

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