"Heat Fan Grandma" Is the Grandma All Heat Fans Wish They Had

With all respect to grandmothers everywhere, sitting with your grandma on a sofa as she talks about what is on TV is usually not the world's greatest thing. (Mine used to attempt to clue me in on the plot of whatever Lifetime movie she was watching. Apparently the emotionally distant husband turns out to be the villain.) That is unless you're watching sports with your grandma and she happens to be really, really knowledgeable about sports.

Meet "Heat Fan Grandma," who is a grandmother who happens to be a very passionate Heat fan.

Watch her chastise Heat players like she was their own grandmother during Game 4 of the Easter Conference finals, and Pacers players like they were, well, Pacers players.

"You're getting to big for your britches now. You've got to play careful."

"Oh Wade! For Crying out loud! ...I like Wade, but he's not that great, really he was good."

"See how that jerk is pushing LeBron! He was pushing him."

"Now it all adds up to that I really don't like anyone else but the Heat, but there's one ref I really don't like. Crawford? Is that his name. Really don't like that man. If I was on the bench in there I would kick him right in the [word we can't quite decipher and which she later refuses to clarify]."

Forget whatever South Beach sports bar you're going to tonight. Clearly the best place to watch Heat games is this lady's living room.

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