Florida Marlins Acquire Old Timer Mike Cameron to Play Dominoes with Jack McKeon

Sun Life Stadium should expect a visit from the Herald any day now: the ballpark has officially become an assisted living facility.

The Marlins took another shaky, walker-assisted step towards an All Star break nap by acquiring 38-year-old outfielder Mike Cameron on Tuesday.

"I hear he's good at Sudoku," manager Jack McKeon didn't say of Cameron. "Besides, I need someone to play dominoes with me while the kids run around in the mud with their ball and wooden sticks."

Clearly, at ten games under .500, the Fish feel the need to bring in some fresh ancient, stale blood to envigorate ensure the team finishes dead last in the division.

Cameron fits the bill perfectly. He was dropped by the Red Sox on June 30 after hitting just .149 in 94 at bats in 2011. Last year he only managed 48 games, hitting .249.

Just how old is Mike Cameron?

But some insist that there is still some chaw left in Cameron's cheek.

"I think you're looking for production, and we still think this guy can help us," Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest actually did say of Cameron in a mind-melding blend of pronouns and points of view.

Cameron's first game could be tonight against the Philadelphia Phillies.