Lauderhill Cat Killings: Copycat, Same Guy, or Just Dogs?

The mystery of the cat killer of Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay deepened this week when four cats were found mutilated in Lauderhill. Police aren't sure whether the crimes are related, the result of a copycat killer, or just dogs.

The details of the two sprees seem somewhat different. In the Miami-Dade cases, the cats, most of which had owners, were found mutilated, skinned, and dismembered in a way police suspect a human was involved. The Broward cats were strays, and so far police aren't ruling out whether a dog might be the culprit in these cases because neighbors reported hearing barking.

There's also the detail that the crimes are separated by about 50 miles.

As for the Cutler Bay killer, the reward for tips leading to the person's arrest has now been upped to $12,500, after a foundation contributed $5,000. The latest victim was found Wednesday on a lawn in Palmetto Bay.