Andy Rodriguez Faces Life in Prison for 2009 Stabbing of Coral Gables High Classmate

A trial date has finally been set for the 2009 murder of Juan Rivera at Coral Gables High. Beginning July 19, 19-year-old Andy Rodriguez will face a judge and jury for second-degree murder charges. 

Security footage from the school shows Rogriguez stabbing Rivera five times with a box cutter, including through the heart, in an incident that shocked the otherwise quiet and affluent town of Coral Gables. Both students were 17 at the time.

Rodriguez confronted Rivera, who had recently emigrated from Cuba, between first and second period, and rumors spread that the argument involved Rodriguez's girlfriend. Rodriguez was apparently upset that Rivera had accepted rides to school from his girlfriend, but Rodriguez has denied that. He claims he didn't even know Rivera's name and was merely acting in self-defense. The argument escalated to violence and resulted in Rivera's death. 

Rodriguez was arrested shortly after the incident and was denied bond. 

Rodriguez will face second-degree murder charges and could face life in prison. 

In a separate court case, Rivera's family has filed suit against the Miami-Dade school system.