Miami-Dade County Will Be the Only Place Where All Four Big Sports Trophies Have Been Handed Out

Miami is home to a couple of neat sports stats, but The Sun-Sentinel points out we're about to become home to another: the first and only county in America where the championship trophies of all four major sports leagues have been handed out.

The silver lining of the Heat's loss last night is that the finals will have to end right here back in Miami (and, as a side note, fans with pockets deep enough to afford tickets better make sure we have a stifling home-court advantage). In the 2006 series the final game was in Dallas, so no matter who wins, the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy will be handed out at AAA for the first time.

Of course, 10 Vince Lombaradi trophies have been handed out between the Super Bowls hosted at the Orange Bowl (R.I.P.) and Sun Life Stadium.

The Florida Marlins finished off the Cleveland Indians to take the 1997 World Series and the Commissioner's Trophy at home. (Their second World Series win came on the road).

And while the Florida Panthers have never taken home the Stanley Cup (for locals, that is given for excellence in some sort of ice sport called "hockey"), they did make it to the finals in 1996. The Colorado Avalanche ended up taking home the famed trophy at the old Miami Arena.

The Sentinel also doesn't point out that the AFCA National Championship Trophy is handed out at the conclusion of the BCS championship game at Sun Life stadium once every four years.

Plus, if the Marlins ever manage to win (or lose) a World Series at their under construction new home, the City of Miami will become the only city in America where all four trophies have been handed out.

Now, if only we could work on hosting an MLS Cup, we could become the crowning grounds for all six major American team sports trophies.

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