Hurricanes Schedule Home-and-Away with Michigan State Spartans

It won't be for another 10 years, but the Miami Hurricanes and the Michigan State Spartans will meet in a home-and-away series in 2020 and 2021. Even with mixed results over the past few seasons, it seems the Miami athletic department isn't shying away from the trend of scheduling big name out-of-conference opponents in the beginning weeks of the season.

The 'Canes will fly up to East Lansing, Michigan on September 26, 2020 for the first game in the series. In return, the Spartans will come down to Sun Life Stadium on September 18, 2021.

That's ten years from now, so who knows where both programs will be at that point. Currently MSU sits at number 7 in the AP poll, while Miami brings up the bottom at number 25. If history is any indication though, Miami holds the edge. The 'Canes are victorious in the previous four times the programs have met.

Miami also has future games set up against teams like Florida, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Kansas State, Rutger, and Cincinnati.

Who else would you like to see the 'Canes play during the regular season?

The team's official Tumblr (yes, they have on), recently posed the question. In order the biggest response came for games against USC (football Gods please), Michigan, and Alabama.