A Social Media Reality Show Set in Miami Beach Is Casting

Do you consider yourself slightly better at performing basic communicative tasks on the internet and have convinced yourself that such remedial skills could actually lead to some sort of career? Well then, the Social Media Stars web-based reality show might be for you.

Yes, this exists, and, yes, it is taking place in Miami Beach.

Here's the casting copy:

Are you legendary on LinkedIn, a prodigy on Pinterest, talented on Twitter and fabulous on Facebook? If your friends ask you to "teach them Twitter" and their jaws drop when you're done, we want YOU!

So ...basically, are you a bored 20-something who spends too much time on the internet?

According to Media Bistro, five contestants will be picked to live in a Miami Beach mansion for seven days and compete in social media-based challenges. Naturally, the show, which is set to debut in September 2014, will only be available on social media. Though, obviously, there are dreams to one day bring it to anti-social media like television.

"The challenges are top secret, but they are going to be very creative," executive producer Chris Lavoie tells "Keep in mind, it would be incredibly boring watching people on their mobile devices/tablets during these challenges."

He hopes that the outrage and rants people express on social media can be captured on camera in a way besides people passive aggressively eying their iPhone.

It seems that the Onion might have already found his first contestant.

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