Elton John Performs for Rush Limbaugh... Wedding!

The same guy who said that half of all parents would abort their unborn children if they knew they'd be gay, had none other than Elton John--who's been gay since he was a zygote--perform at his 4th wedding at the Breakers in Palm Beach over the weekend. That's right we're talking about gay-bashing, oxycodone-abusing, hate mongering, Rush Limbaugh.

The Pestilence in Broadcasting mainstay came back to the state where he once fed his prescription drug habit for his nuptials to West Palm Beach's own Kathryn Rogers, 33. His decision on musical performer at least showed that he has a sense of humor, or good taste in music. The Rush-Elton partnership is queer, for sure, but nothing that a cool million dollars can't make right--allegedly what Rush paid Sir Elton.

It took all of our considerable investigative powers to discover what songs Rush asked Elton to play, but here is a sampling of the playlist:

  • Don't Let His Son Go Down On Me.
  • Pocket Rocket Man.
  • Arizona Border Song.
  • The Bitch is Back.
  • Dear God
  • Ego
  • Honky Fat
  • Goodbye Pink Brick Road
  • White Lady White Powder White Pills
  • The Goalddiggers Song (although that was at the request of the bride!)